About Us

Modular Building

New England Homes offers a wide array of pre-designed modular homes to fit any lifestyle’s needs, with each home built by New England Homes being unique. Some degree of customization goes into each home in accordance with your specific desires.

Can’t find the right plan? We often build according to plans provided by home buyers.

Limitless Options

There is also no shortage of choices in interior appointment and design elements. Kitchens, baths, doors, and windows provide only a few of the areas that allow for numerous decorative and functional options. Homebuyers may purchase a pre-designed model, modify an existing model, or submit their own floor plan for construction. Home sizes range from small and cozy to large and spacious with homes being able to be customized to almost any dimension.

It’s springtime all year long here.

In our environmentally controlled workplace there is no downtime because of pouring rain or bitter cold. This allows us to exercise greater control over our materials and construction. Picture this as you consider building any time of year—Build Inside All Year Long!

Quality Control

We adhere to strict quality standards and continuously refines its production procedures. Quality control personnel carefully review all products and plans. In addition, a third-party inspector inspects each of our homes for code compliance during construction. New England Homes designs and manufactures your home using state-of-the-art technology combined with Yankee ingenuity and workmanship. Every home meets or exceeds applicable codes.

Our Warranty

New England Homes is at the forefront of backing up the long-term quality and durability of its products. We offer factory service personnel to their independent builders and stand behind the long-term quality and durability of its products. New England Homes provides an upgraded warranty package that provides one-year coverage on workmanship and materials and 10-year coverage on major structural defects, in addition to various direct warranties of components and appliances. Our enhanced quality assurance systems contribute to the value and appeal of its homes.