Our Process

1. Contact New England Homes.

You hear about New England Homes, possibly by way of a happy New England Homes owner! Call us to get a preliminary sense of what we can do for you as you learn more about the complete New England Homes experience.

2. Meet with an Independent Builder in your area.

With guidance from the independent builder you fully derive not only house costs, but also site preparation & finish costs – inclusive of items that New England Homes may or may not provide, such as garages, porches, wells, septic, and other important elements.

With your Independent Builder, you can then look at individual home style options available to further customize plans to your individual needs, wants and desires. Once you are completely satisfied with the house plans and site preparation, you enter into a contract with the Independent Builder while providing a deposit for your new home.

3. Construction plans are generated.

Construction plans are then generated, based on the order proposed for customer and Independent Builder review. Possible modification and any additional requirements are discussed and implemented.
Generation of final set of plans and establishing production date.

4. Home construction begins.

Construction of house begins in tandem with site preparation by builder. Solid delivery dates are established to create defined expectations and final payment for the house is made upon delivery.

5. Home completion & move-in.

Independent Builder takes over completion of New England Homes product (B-work i.e. – interior finish, interior fastening, installation of mechanic systems such as boiler system or furnace, after market items purchased for the house, landscaping, final grading).

The builder will complete contract with their customer and you are ready to move into your new modular home!